Here And Now

Kati Vilim incorporates vibrant neon lights in her piece, “Here And Now”. When the artwork helps to create an internal dialogue between the art piece and the public, magic can happen!

Here And Now’s Artist, Kati Vilim

Kati Vilim solo sight specific public piece, “Here and Now” can be viewed 24/7: “We are living in very special times of the human history. Each of us are experiencing life while sharing the same time and space on our planet. The way we are creating our reality as an internal experience is based on how we are dealing with space and time in its physicality and as a cultural experience.

Do we feel connected? How are we doing? How do we really feel?

Creating an internal dialogue between the art piece and the public, helps contemplation while looking at the colorful lights in the windows in the darkness of the night.

When the artwork helps to create an internal dialogue between the art piece and the public – Here and Now – magic can happen!”

Kati Vilim art


Previous Exhibits


Declarations on Human Rights

This piece emphasizes the importance of positive social agreements as an alternative to the current political and social hostilities that surround us every day in America. The ink paintings depict diverse races of people pulling each other up. Each grouping is laser cut with text from international covenants for Human Rights actualized by the United Nations –

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Diana Schmertz Declarations on Human Rights

Declarations on Human Rights, laser cut ink paintings on paper, 36 panels, 29 x 16 inches each ©2019

Asha Ganpat Future Fruit

Future Fruit, mixed media, dimensions variable. 2019


Future Fruit

FUTURE FRUIT is what’s to come, shiny, new, and sparkling. It is the poison we will happily eat, stand in line waiting for, and fight over the scraps. It is that which we covet, and that which we will never attain. It is the fruit of tomorrow.

The installation was borne of a desire to leave behind heavy content and meaning, to make something purely beautiful and mesmerizing. The work was inspired by a small handful of fictional stories, extracted from asides and slight mentions. The two framing sources are from Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut Jr and Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

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