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Where artists install public works in storefront windows to exhibit, experiment, or realize a visual concept.

Join us at Art Fair 14c


4th Edition, November 11-13

VENUE: The Armory:
678 Montgomery Street
Jersey City NJ

Presenting abstract colorful works on panel and paper by Vikki Michalios using acrylic, charcoal, graphite, ink, collage and printmaking techniques. The new work is about positivity by using high key colors and upbeat rhythms, layers, texture, and depth.


Friday, November 11 — Sunday November 13




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Cheryl Gross | Jada Fabrizio | Vikki Michalios

Artfair 14C Booth D18

Artists Cheryl Gross, Jada Fabrizio, and Vikki Michalios at ArtFair 14c Nov 12-14
Kati Vilim art

Cheryl Gross, Vikki Michalios, and Jada Fabrizio Booth D18 Nov 12-14th
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NPSA will occupy Booth D18 and present three artists:

Cheryl Gross will present mixed media works on paper. Cheryl’s multi-layered illustrative work includes paint, coffee, graphite, and ink. The images center on political/social commentary that involves such issues as gender obliteration, extinction, and the effect that globalization/gentrification have on our society.  

Jada Fabrizio presents her staged photographs based on the “New Topographic” movement of man altered landscapes. Although the images in the series are mostly devoid of human life they are filled with humanity. Jada will also debut her pop surreal animal sculptures.

Vikki Michalios will show abstract paintings from her series “Haven, a celebration of being human”. Her work speaks to the idea that the positive mind makes the world brighter and more bearable. Vikki’s work is created with the purpose to have order, cheer, structure, beauty, and color be the message.


The Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary

Now Project Space (NPSA) is pleased to announce that it will participate in this year’s Art Fair 14C 

Exhibition: Art Fair 14C

Venue: Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary888 Newark Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Booth: D18 

Dates: Friday, November 12 — Sunday November 14

(JERSEY CITY, NJ—October, 6, 2021) Art Fair 14C is New Jersey’s only art fair and features an array of art from the finest galleries in our area and around the world. This year the fair will take place at the fantastic Glass Gallery at Mana Contemporary 

Tickets may be purchased from the fair directly. 


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Where Artists Can Display Their Vision

NPSA was founded in the winter of 2019 and is run by artist, Vikki Michalios, a long time community member and exhibiting visual artist. NPSA began as an informal gathering of artists and community members to produce public works in storefront windows for exhibit, experimentation, or development of a visually artistic concept.